About Who Took That Picture?

"Blue Eyes, Red Lips, White Skin"

“Blue Eyes, Red Lips, White Skin”, a self-portrait.

Hi, I am Sorceress, a moniker I assumed ages ago. And You? Interested in photography? Pictures? One of my pictures just happened to catch your eye? Welcome to “Why’d You Take That Picture?”, one of my blogs on WordPress.com.

I’ve been interested in cameras since my older brother owned a Brownie many, many years ago. I thought it was the coolest little box that you could see through. I was a little girl, and I probably thought it looked like a really neat little black purse, too. (I was a practicing fashionista, also).

It wasn’t until I was around 13 years-old that my brother bought me a 110 camera. Again, many years ago. I would walk around my river town and take pictures. I would sneak up on my relatives and take pictures of them. I would take pictures of animals. All in beautiful black and white. Beautiful to me, at least.

By the time I had reached high school, I became active in the environment. Now this is where that nifty 110 came in handy in my river town. Pollution soared in that river with the industrial plants lined along it to the north. The beaches, once clean, were littered with the oils and chemicals that spewed forth from these plants. And my camera took those pictures.

At age 15, I was writing about the pollution to the local newspaper, along with my pictures. And at age 15, I was given a Certificate Of Appreciation by the local Kiwanis Club for my awareness of the environment.

I remember those two cameras fondly. I went on to my first 35 mm. On to my first darkroom. On to the digital age. On to computers.  Now on to sharing my artwork. I truly hope you enjoy my shots.

For more photos I also display my artwork at deviantart.com. You may find me there under the name of woundedfaery.




4 thoughts on “About Who Took That Picture?

  1. Greetings Kaarie, nice blog! Does change from Tagged… I still think of you some times when I play the organ…

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