The Indian Tower Of Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Why’d You Take That Picture? The Indian Tower, Nazareth, Pennsylvania

The Indian Tower Of Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

The Indian Tower Of Nazareth, Pennsylvania.


The Observation Tower stands next to the monument known as The Indian Tower, in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. The Indian Tower stands at the highest point of an original 5,000 acres in Nazareth and is owned by the Nazareth Moravian Church.

When you are walking across the grounds, what you don’t realize is that you are walking across graves of four Indians and 67 burial sites.  The Tower is known to locals as The Indian Tower and has an accompanying monument. Many have reported paranormal incidents while visiting the area.

Unfortunately, vandals have taken to marking the tower with graffiti, destroying the natural beauty of the original tower.  The original structure was a pavilion called “the Summer House” built in 1867. It was later replaced with the present-day tower in 1916. It was commonly thought to be a look-out for hostile Indians, even though Indians had been removed from Pennsylvania long before the tower had been erected.

The tower has been used for many purposes over the years: as a Civil Defense Lookout in WWII, as a repeater station for emergency services, for locals to reflect. It is one of the highest spots in the Lehigh Valley from where you can see most of the entire area.

The Moravian Graveyard was in use from 1744 to 1762. The original Indians would have been from the nearby village of Welagamika. The height of the tower if 30 feet.

It’s really quite peaceful up there in the tower. Looking at the beautiful views across the Lehigh Valley is outstanding. If you happen upon it when no one else is there, you’ve hit a wonderful place to enjoy some views and ponder some thoughts.



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