Indian Tower Graffiti, Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Why’d You Take That Picture? Look Out Beyond The Indian Tower To The Lehigh Valley.

Indian Tower Graffiti, Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Indian Tower Graffiti, Nazareth, Pennsylvania.


The Indian Tower in Nazareth, Pennsylvania stands 30 feet above ground and is built on 67 graves. It belongs to the Nazareth Moravian Church. People have desecrated the site for years through their graffiti. Some of it is disturbing, and that’s what the definition of graffiti is. Graffiti is known as a “rude decoration on rocks or walls”. With words, that’s exactly what some have done to this ornamental structure.

If you can look beyond the words on the walls, look at the view. It’s beautiful. Standing up on the concrete structure, looking out on the Lehigh Valley for miles, I could only imagine what others have seen for centuries. The structure was built in 1916, but the original pavilion was constructed in 1867.

Some say it’s haunted. Some say they’ve picked up paranormal experiences while at the site with equipment. I say it’s just a wonderful place to visit, to reflect, to pay your respects. If you do visit, remember to tread carefully, with respect and permission. For you are walking on others.



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