Going Up To A T.

Why’d You Take That Picture? Looking Up To A T In The Sky.

Going Up To A T.

Looking Up To A T.


On a particular day I was waiting for a friend, leaning against my car. I had nothing but time on my hands and was looking up at this building in front of me. I was really, really enjoying the view. I just happened to park exactly where this photograph was taken.

So I’m waiting, and I keep looking up, and the sun is moving and I see this “T” form on the windows. I was mesmerized.

The ornateness of the brass, the gleam of the windows, the starkness of the concrete, and the way the building just seemed to be going UP.

I guess I just see things differently. But I want others to share what I see so they can explore another world and begin to see that there are so many colors out there, so many variations in an otherwise drab existence if they could only allow themselves to look. For as much evil and suffering as we have in our world, we must also look for the good to balance ourselves.

If we come out at an even level, that’s ok. We’re still ahead. We’ve survived. Just keep looking up. Looking up to a T.



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