Handling The Balloon.

Why’d You Take That Picture? Handling The Balloon.

Handling The Balloon.

Handling The Balloon.

Perhaps it’s commonplace for some to see a hot-air balloon. For me, it is not. I had never seen one up close before.

A friend and I were attending a celebration at a local park and stumbled upon these workers and their rope-handling of their hot-air balloon. I do mean “stumble” as you can see how close the ropes are in the photo. I was in awe.

Unfortunately, the owner of the balloon had just decided to cancel rides for the day, deciding there weren’t enough people at the park to make it profitable enough for them. How unfortunate for the people that were waiting in line already. Four to six at a time were going up for rides and enjoying themselves previously. I so wanted to be one of those people.

At least I had the opportunity to see one this up close so huge and then see it flatten out…oh well. Maybe sometime I’ll have the opportunity.



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