Ducks Splashing On The Delaware River.

Why’d You Take That Picture? Ducks Landing On The Delaware River. Nature In The Wild.

Ducks Landing On The Delaware.

Ducks Landing On The Delaware.


You have to look closely at this gif I made last summer. It was a quick-thinking, last-minute decision, what-do-I-do kind of thing as I was standing on the rocks of the Delaware River on the border of upstate New York and Pennsylvania. I was surveying the area, looking at the mountain ridges, the beautiful trees, the gorgeous rocks, the rippling waters and trying to decide where to begin to take photos.

The sun was in my eyes. My smartphone was in my back pocket when I heard the ducks coming in. I knew I couldn’t  snap a series of shots of them if they landed and skimmed the water. But I knew I had a gif program on my smartphone, so I whipped it out as quickly as I could and just faced it in the direction of the sound of the ducks and the splashing. (Remember, the sun was exceedingly bright and I could hardly see.)

I needed something that could take a series of shots quickly because these ducks weren’t going to wait around for me.  They wanted to dip down, skim the water and head back up. That’s precisely what they did and that’s precisely what my camera caught in a gif file. All I can say is the angels were watching over me because if you look carefully at the gif you can see the ducks land, skim, splash and begin to fly back up.

It’s one of my prized sets of photos because it’s nature in the wild, caught in the wild and I was blessed to be able to catch it on film. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy watching it. It’s never been re-touched and the photos are all in sequence.



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