Why’d You Take That Picture? Karma Meets Sanity…

I was walking in my yard and saw these little purple flowers very close to the ground. I quickly took some pictures of them before the dogs stepped on them. The strange thing was that somehow, the dogs never did step on them. These little purple flowers managed to survive my dogs paws that day. All day. Strange.

After looking at the photos I took, I envisioned the characters and personalities that people have and embody. And that’s what this post is about. The differences in our minds and what we see.


Black and White, kmc, 2012.

Our world isn’t black and white, although it can be for some people. That’s how some people envision their world to be. That’s self-limiting. It’s shallow and small. Why would anyone want to make their world so small yet they believe it to be so simple when it really isn’t?


Envision More Than One, kmc, 2012.

Envision more than one, and a world opens for you. You can see one, or two or more. Your world is seen by you and you decide how large that world becomes. Focus on what is important to you, but allow more than one vision in your path.


Open Your World, kmc, 2012.

Open your world to see more than you thought possible. At times, there are more than two ways to view an answer. Perhaps there are three. Or four. Nothing is written in concrete. There are many possibilities.


Four Views,kmc,2012.

Do you see everything as written in stone? As finite in its possibilities? Or do you view your world with infinite variations on the same theme?


Without Color,kmc.2012.

Without color in your world, life may seem without hope. Despair may overtake you and despondency is imminent. Your views of your world may seem bleak and full of despair. But there is light in darkness, too. There is always some light shining if you look deep enough.


Light From Within,kmc,2012

Look within yourself to find your inner strength and your own glowing strength and light. See what strengths you have. View what other paths you can find to make your world a better place. By making your world a better place, you are making the world a better place for all to live in.


Strength From Within, kmc, 2012.

There is a light within you that glows just for you when you are at your lowest. When you have hit rock bottom, there is nowhere to go but up. There are other paths to see that your eyes just haven’t seen yet.


White Light, kmc, 2012.

If you allow yourself to be bathed in a new white light of freshness, you can see new avenues and vistas to set new goals for yourself. You can envision your world in a new light. If you allow yourself. If.


Light Amongst Darkness,kmc,2012.

From the darkness comes light. From the light comes darkness. It’s all mixed together to create a fresh new world. And from this new world, a universe of colors begin to form. Sometimes unreal, sometimes abstract, sometimes surreal. But always, yours. And no one, absolutely no one, can take your world away from you.


Abstract Flowers,kmc,2012.

You may not realize that you share these colors and visions with others. You share them with a smile, a fleeting glance, a thought. Even a frown. A honk of a horn. A gesture, be it a wave or a finger at a driver you don’t know. That person you don’t know can be having an absolutely horrible day, worse than you can ever imagine and the finger you just gave them made it worse. Or, the wave in a thank you made it better.



You have the power to excite. You have the power to create. To create emotions in yourself and in others. You can make them see red. You can make them see green. You can have them see muted colors. It’s all in your power.


Muted Colors,kmc,2012.

The ability to change the course of one’s day can be overwhelming. It’s a powerful feeling. The most refreshing thought is that you can do this to yourself. 


Calming Green,kmc,2012.

If you start your day with green thoughts as a baseline and start to add color as your day rolls along, you’ll find yourself creating a painting that is quite memorable. Make each day count. Not only for yourself, but for others, too. Your family, your children, your friends, your neighbors, your pets, even strangers you meet. It’s where Karma meets your sanity. And you help decide your own Karma.


Karma Meets Sanity,kmc,2012.




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