Wildflower Backside,kmc,2012.

Why’d You Take That Picture? Beauty Amongst The Wildflowers…Hidden Beauty.


White Wildflower Front, kmc, 2012.


I love wildflowers. They grow in abundance. Many people don’t like them and consider them weeds and an annoyance. If you look closely at them, they’re really quite pretty. They have a certain aura about them. This white wildflower is in my backyard. It seemed to be looking upwards at the sun, standing tall by itself, smiling away. I thought it was really pretty. Starkly white, pristine, so clean. I wondered about the back of it and what it looked like from the other side.


Wildflower Backside,kmc,2012.

Wildflower Backside, kmc,2012.


Again, reaching upwards, stretching out to the sun. An individual wildflower by itself. Struggling to grow. Beauty seen by the beholder before the grass mower comes and cuts it down. I’m glad I was given a chance to see it. Beauty is everywhere if you look around your surroundings. It can be hidden and found in the most austere places. Sometimes you have to look or dig a little deeper to find what you’re looking for. Because beauty isn’t always obvious. Sometimes it’s hidden.

Take the time to find beauty in your life. Discover what you believe is beautiful through your eyes. And smile when you see it. You’ll feel the inner peace.




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