Beautiful Ophelia, kmc, 2012.

Why’d You Take That Picture? Look At That Haircut!

Look At That Haircut, kmc, 2012.

Now Look At That ‘Do!, kmc, 2012.

Meet Ophie. My near Polish Lowland Sheepdog. I think. She’s about as close to one as one can get. When I rescued her, her fur was shaved off to the skin, no facial hair, no bangs, no beard, nothing. Such a shame. The person I rescued her from told me that her fur “had been a mess”‘ and she needed to be “de-flea’d” so they went out to “take care of her” but they were going away on a vacation and needed “to get rid of her” because the dog “wasn’t very nice”.  Wasn’t “very nice”???!!! Dogs react to a person’s attitude and Ophelia was reacting to this woman, without a doubt.

Ophie In The Beginning, kmc, 2010.

Ophie when I first brought her home, sans fur…Look At That Haircut!

That’s right, just like I said, no fur. Her face reminded me of an owl. But she had these adorable eyes that were penetrating my heart. So on with a little pink bandanna to perk her up and “cutinize” her. I wanted to do something to take those doldrums out of her eyes. It seemed to work.

Ophelia In The Beginning Two, kmc, 2010.

Ophelia In The Beginning, kmc, 2010.

I had absolutely no idea what type of dog this could be and no one else could figure her out, either. The guesses started at a mini-schnauzer, because Ophie’s tail is docked. But her ears were long. Then the next guess was a schapendoe, as her fur grew longer. Ophie has an undercoat and as she has blossomed her breed characteristics have become more apparent. We now believe she is a Polish lowland sheepdog. With the docked tail, floppy ears, undercoat, scissor bite, hair covering the face and all, I’d go with that breed assumption now. Not that it matters. Ophie is just Ophie. A great dog.

Button Nose, kmc, 2012.

Button Nose, kmc, 2012.

It’s been over two years now that Ophie has claimed her place in my household. It’s taken some time for her fur to grow back to its rightful length, and probably will be another two years before it will be at its natural length and fullness. Regardless, everyone loves her and her personality. Hands down, she’s one of those dogs people gravitate to for their personalities.

Amazing what you can find on Craig’s List, tho. Horrible that someone would advertise a dog that they wanted to “get rid of because they were going on vacation”. I’m glad I happened to look at Craig’s List that day. I found my skittles at the end of the rainbow in the name of a little button-nosed dog I call Ophelia.

Ophelia, kmc, 2012.

Ophelia Looking For Her Toy, kmc, 2012.


And without much further ado, look at that haircut now…!


Beautiful Ophelia, kmc, 2012.

Beautiful Ophelia, kmc, 2012.





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