I Own This Dog, kmc, 2012.

Why’d You Take That Picture? Little Gray(a cat) Rules Sheeta(a dog)…

The Gray & Sheeta, kmc, 2009.

The Gray & Sheeta, kmc, 2009.

Back when Sheeta, my sheprador was new to the household, a pup of just 3 months, I don’t believe she knew that a cat was another creature that would soon live in her world. I mean, just look at the expression on her face. Worrisome, WTF, a get me outta here look if I ever saw one on her mug. Sheetz has always been full of energy and thinks the world revolves around her. Little Gray lived alone in the domicile and believed herself to be the Queen. The Gray is asserting her superiority in this shot by laying herself across the top of the sofa right above Sheeta. Reading into this body language, knowing that Sheetz is brand new in the household, well, you get the picture, right?

Fast forward about three years. Add a fat cat named Black Magick and a near Polish lowland sheepdog called Ophelia to the mix. So how does Little Gray still treat Sheeta? See below.

I Own This Dog, kmc, 2012.

I Own This Dog, kmc, 2012.

This is not a posed picture. Note her left upper paw and her two lower back paws on Sheeta’s back. I caught them sleeping together like this. Sheeta wasn’t moving, just lying there. And of course, the Mistress Gray had a look on her face that said it all…”I own this dog”.(note Sheeta’s harness on at the time…lol.)  Bossy little thing, isn’t she?




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