"Electric City, kmc,2012."

Why’d You Take That Picture? Electric City…

"Electric City, kmc,2012."

"Electric City, kmc, 2012."


Electric City, aka Scranton, Pennsylvania. This is a view looking down into one of the valleys of the area known as Electric City, or Scranton or NEPA-Northeastern Pennsylvania. Nightshots can be especially startling when taken of lit areas and this shot I split into a four-square. Because of the city’s name, I incorporated a light image into the original photo for its moniker.

Electric lights, introduced to Scranton on December 6, 1880, were an exciting wave of the future. This was just a few months after Thomas Edison received his original patent for the electric light bulb. Considered quite innovative for the time period, considering most streets were lit by acetylene gas lamps, Scranton was well ahead of its time.  You can read more about Scranton and its name, The Electric City here:  http://thetimes-tribune.com/news/scranton-gained-fame-as-the-electric-city-thanks-to-the-region-s-innovative-spirit-1.965641#axzz1rFSjXmhO.





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