"Sleeping Hugs", kmc, 2012.

Why’d You Take That Picture? Sleeping Hugs…

"Sleeping Hugs", kmc, 2012.

"Sleeping Hugs", kmc, 2012.


Sheeta, my sheprador, and Ophelia, my almost-shapendoe, sleeping cozily together. This summer will mark two years together for the two of them and I never knew they would be best-friends like this.

When I rescued Ophelia, she hadn’t been socialized very well with other dogs and didn’t take kindly to Sheeta. After a few “misunderstandings”- aka who’s the dog boss here fights, a month of sequestering, and special training-aka extraordinary love for rescue dogs because you don’t know their issues, Ophelia was almost ready to be adopted out to another home.

Sheeta adored her and wanted to play. Ophelia wanted nothing to do with her. Sheeta would try to play and Ophelia would growl.

The night before I was to bring her to her new home, I was in tears. Little Ophie had crawled into my heart and I was going to miss her. I had found her a very good home with another rescue family and felt secure about the adoption, but was naturally sad.

About 4 a.m., Sheeta and I heard little footsteps coming upstairs. Ophelia appeared in the bedroom doorway and just looked at us. Somehow, she had opened the door to her own bedroom downstairs and decided to come for a “friendly” visit for the very first time.

Sheeta’s tail wouldn’t stop wagging, but she stayed on the bed with me, quite curious about what Ophelia was going to do. After all, Ophie’s behavior in the past hadn’t been exemplary.

The two of us just watched as Ophie jumped on the bed, made her place among the blankets, settled in, and started snoring. Somehow, this little dog knew she didn’t want to leave as much as I didn’t want her to the next day.

To this day, I think this story is some kind of miracle. I really don’t know how she opened the door downstairs. Besides a partially-secured-closed door, I had put double gates in front of the door for safety. For a full month, she had growled at Sheeta, altho Sheeta had wanted to play and be friends. This was her last night with us before she was going to be adopted out. That was just about two years ago, and as I said, they are bff’s now. She crawled into my heart and I’m glad she did.

Animals are the most amazing creatures. “Sleeping Hugs” is more than just two dogs sleeping together. It’s a story of a little dog that came to a home, afraid and unsure with a past that we can only imagine. It took Ophelia over 3 months to finally squeak a tiny bark and then look at me with eyes that wondered what I would do. That’s what rescue dogs are about. They have issues because of the traumas horrible people inflict on them. All they need is patience to allow them to be themselves.

When we give them the patience they need to be themselves, we are rewarded with an inner peace that we see reflected in their eyes as they play, as they bark and as they run happily. That peace is a feeling I treasure.

Kudos to Spencer Angelvedt, another blogger at WordPress for saving two dogs from being euthanized. Read his story here:  http://spencerangeltvedt.wordpress.com/.




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