Circa 1940's Wrapper.

Why’d You Take That Picture? Vintage Clothing Deserves To Be Seen.


Circa 1940's Wrapper.

Circa 1940's Wrapper.


Rummaging through a pile of unwanted clothing at a local thrift one day, I found this circa 1940’s wrapper. In front of my eyes I held a beautiful tan and muted orange full length, 3/4 sleeve evening wrapper designed to be worn over perhaps, Capri pants. In the orange colors, the designer had placed braiding of the same color in full stitching. The wrapper even had sewn on belting. To me, it was a find. (Plus, it fit! Yea!!!)

I re-did the picture in muted colors of the rainbow for interest, although I plan on showing the wrapper again in my fashion blog. I want to wear it this winter. I find so many things in thrift shops. After all, one person’s garbage is another person’s treasure, so the saying goes.




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