Sand Island, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Why’d You Take That Picture? Sand Island, Pennsylvania…where Thor was stolen.


Sand Island, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Sand Island, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


A small  area near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where tourists and locals gather for festivities, hiking and sports. In the summer of 2007, just before MusicFest began in Bethlehem, my white german shepherd escaped from his walker. Thor, my beautiful 101 pound dog, had swum across a canal to climb onto this land. I hurried in my car when I was told where he had gone. Not one person would admit seeing a dog swim in the canal nor would anyone in this tiny spot admit seeing my Thor loose in the area. I would go back regularly to see if I could find someone walking him. After all, a white german shepherd that weighs in at 101 pounds is pretty difficult not to spot. I know someone took him home. To this day, I think of my dog. I wonder if they are taking good care of him, is he being fed well, is he being exercised…but most importantly…I wonder if Thor misses me as much as I miss him?




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